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We have the technology!

The best motorcycle mechanic in North Qld. Nev Watson from West End Motorcycles in Townsville.

Picked up the bike today from the workshop. Feels like new – almost! It is 20 years old after all. Too bad it rained today for the first time in months! Now it’s time to start packing. Only 10 more sleeps until I ride to Brisbane.

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Have carnet, will travel?

Finally received my carnet from the RACQ/AAA on Monday. Have now got all the bits of paper I need to start my trip. There’s only one small thing missing – my bike! It is still at the workshop. Hopefully we will have it finished tomorrow so I can start packing the bike.

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All visas are go!

Finally I have all four visas (Nepal, India, Pakistan and China) that I can get before I leave Australia. Not as difficult as I thought it was going to be – just time-consuming and expensive – about $100 each! Just waiting on the carnet de passage  from RACQ/AAA. Should be here next week – fingers crossed! All I need now is a bike. All the work should be finished by Friday. But may be Monday or Tuesday of next week.

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Greetings to all!

Welcome to my blog. On 16th May I will leaving Australia to fly to Kathmandu to start my trip around the world by motorcycle. Initially, I will be travelling through Nepal and India to Lahore and Islamabad in Pakistan.

I will staying in Islamabad for about 2-3 weeks while I apply for the next batch of visas and permits 


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