Bike on a plane – almost!

Spent a very entertaining afternoon at Brisbane Airport freight precinct trying to get all the necessary bits of paper to put the bike on a plane bound for Kathmandu. If you ever want to do this yourself, you MUST talk to a gentleman called Mal Miller at QANTAS Courier – they handle personal freight. Do not contact QANTAS Freight – they are a separate branch of QANTAS and only handle commercial freight.  Mal is extremely knowledgeable and efficient, and a nice guy as well. He has shipped many private motorcycles overseas for overland travellers. You will also need to get a “Dangerous Goods Declaration”. The DG Declaration will cost $143 from a company called Dangerous Goods Management (DGM). The guy in charge is called Steve Turner. Like Mal, Steve has also helped freight many motorcycles overseas and he is extremely helpful.  These two guys can get you sorted out in about one hour. Do not, under any circumstances, talk to anybody else. Otherwise, you will spend a couple of hours running around in circles, as I did, trying to follow useless instructions from people who don’t know what is required.

The contact details for Mal and Steve are on the Links page.

So, hopefully the bike will be on a plane to Kathmandu on Monday (May 14) and I will follow on Wednesday (May 16).

Let the adventure begin!

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