Still not there yet!

Despite supreme optimism on my part, the bike still managed to miss the plane on Wednesday.  It “should” be on the plane today (Friday) and here in Kathmandu on Saturday.  Then the fun begins trying to extract it from the airport.  After the super-modern, space-age Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, Tribhuvan airport here in Kathmandu is like stepping back into the 70’s.

The Kathmandu Guest House is a veritable sanctuary compared to the chaos that is the streets of Kathmandu.  This was made worse by the fact that all the public buses were on strike yesterday in response to the new constitution that is being released in about 10 days time.  Lots of roads closed and general mayhem.  This presented a golden opportunity for the taxi drivers to double or even quadruple fares from the airport to the city.

Internet access is fairly cheap but very intermittent and unreliable. Have tried uploading some photos but takes far too long, even with low resolution.

I will spend the next few days playing tourist until I can get back on two wheels and the odometer on the right will start ticking over (many thanks to Laurence).

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