Escaping Kathmandu!

Ah, the serenity!

The trip to Gorkha went relatively smoothly.  The locals were right – it did take 4 hours to cover the 140km.  Stifling heat, dust and diesel fumes makes any travel demanding. I stayed at the Gurkha Inn which was not quite as 3-Star as the KGH Travel Desk would have me believe.  The garden balcony did provide some serenity after the chaos of the first week in Kathmandu though.  Unlike Thamel District in Kathmandu which is swarming with Western tourist, there are virtually no Western tourists here. Visited Gorkha Palace on top of the hill behind the city. It is 400-500 years and, like a lot of the palaces and temples, completely unrestored. Sadly, this means that many of the clay bricks are slowly crumbling back to their original state and the intricate wooden carvings are also in a precarious state with many dried out and splintering badly.

A truly impressive set-up – Akosh’s Transalp/Africa Twin

Met up again with a fellow motorcyclist from Hungary called Akosh. I had met him a few days earlier at the KGH when I told him I was going to Gorkha but lost contact with him due to phone problems.  Akosh was riding a Transalp/Africa Twin 750.  An impressive sight when fully loaded. It must be a handful in the dirt or sand.  It made my R100GS look like a WR450.

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